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I'm a father/grandfather in S.W.Ohio, our son called from Balad, Iraq to wish his mom a happy Birthday.

He also said he had seen his first C.D.B. concert and had shaken the hand of Charlie. He was sending pic's. My son had asked me if I knew how old Charlie was. All I could tell him was i saw him with Marshall Tucker in New Orleans, La. back in 76 or 77 when I was in the navy.

I can tell him now that Charlie was born in Oct.1936. I found that out tonight on the web, which is how I found your site (good site). Which brings me to why I'm sending this letter.
We (my family) have lived 3 to 30 miles from the Airforce Museum for all of our kids lives. They have been there countless times. They have a section on Bob Hope and all of his selfless acts of taking a bit of home to the troops overseas. He helped start a "Tradition" of entertainers where they could give something back to our troops overseas "the spirit of HOME".

When I heard that C.D.B. did a show in Balad i was not surprised, I had seen shows on TV
about Charlie and got a glimpes of a good American man. My wife, I think would have endured the desert for months to get the chance to shake Charlie's hand, as would I.
I don't have his address and I don't know how far this letter will, go but my wife and I would like to THANK Mr. Daniels for the joy he gave to our son halfway around the world in a war zone.

Thank you, May God Bless,

the Rohr Family
Michael (USAF)
Jeff (deceased)
David Jr.(deceased)