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I have a couple of interesting stories about meeting Charlie Daniels. I have been a long time fan of CDB. Back in Aug. of 1977, I went on a two week vacation to Nashville, Tennessee. I was with my best friend (we are still best friends) and another friend of ours,
who we no longer keep in touch with. At that time we all lived in Queens, New York. We were all about 20 years old. Before we left for vacation, we mentioned to every one, we are going to meet Charlie Daniels!! We had his albums which had the town of Mt.Juliet, Tennesse on them. So we went to that town and asked, I don't know how many people, we asked, where Charlie lives, but finally got the right information. We arrived at his house and it looked like no one was there at that time. We decided to go get some lunch then come back and hoped that someone would be at the house. Well, when we arrrived back at the house sure enough, he was home!!!! I rang the bell (Paula that is) and the intercom said, "Whose calling", I turned to my best friend and said, "well, who are we?", my bestfriend says, "say friends of Charlie Daniels", so that's what I said, I turned around & said, to Hazel (which it must of been on the intercom) "We are friends of Charlie Daniels", Hazel said, "He'll be right out side in a second". Well, don't you know that is exactly what he did he came out and spoke to the three of us. We had a blast!!! Now we had three beautiful cameras and not one picture did we take of him. Now, we did get backstage two or three different times. But never took a picture!! We were young & all we wanted to do is party and hang out for a little while.

My second story is this: CDB played in Kingston, New York on March 17th, 2005 (St.Patrick's Day) @ the Ulster Performing Arts Center (UPAC Theatre for short). I saw lots of people going backstage to meet & greet w/Charlie (kids, moms & dads, old & young, etc). I found out that you could join his fan club and become a member. I tried to get backstage & get that picture w/Charlie that I never got, but no luck. I wasn't persistant enough. I also figured that I better not push my luck too!! The concert that night was AWESOME. My husband & I had great seat 7th row. The theatre dates back to the 1920's. It's really a nice place for a concert - very quaint. His band played like no tomorrow!! I was so excited to be there. I got such great seats because I work for M&T Bank and they are customers of the bank. I knew who to call & they reserved for me two best seats!!! WOW!!

Now, I never got that picture w/Charlie that night at the concert in Kingston, New York on March 17th, 2005. But I became a member of the CDB Fan Club and I purchased three
tickets for his show in Elizabeth, New Jersey on November 19th, 2005 @ The Ritz Theatre @ 8pm and a special bonus The Marshall Tucker Band will also be playing that night.

I spoke to Ginger Ambrose, President of the CDB Fan Club and she said that I will be able to receive the meet & greet backstage passes. One pass for me (Paula) one for Kieran (my husband) and one for (Elizabeth (Liz for short) my sister. I know that I will finally get my picture w/Charlie. I'm so excited to meet him again. When I met him I was 20 years old and now I'm 48 years old. I would like to ask him if he remembers the "Three Girls from New York, who rang his bell at his home in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee in August 1977. The year Elvis Presley passed away. Thanks you so much for being able to tell my story. I have been blessed and enjoy my life. Charlie, his band, his family & friends are wonderful people. I wish them all the best in his business & I feel he is the best fiddlin' man there is!!
May God Bless Us All!! Safe & happy travels!!! : )

Paula M. Donnelly
Hopewell Junction, New York