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Hi Everyone

I had my Charliefied experience last August 27, 2004 in West Union, Ia. at Phat Cats Roadhouse. I work at KCZQ-Radio in Cresco, Ia., and have sponsered many bands over the years..and have been a fan of The Charlie Daniels Band forever.Unfortunetly, my oldest daughter was found dead in Florida March 8 04. I spent the spring and summer last year in a fog of grief, and don't remember much about it. After to returning to work, we recieved a fax to sponsor Charlie and the boys at Phat Cats. Charlie was coming to IOWA!!!!! I suddenly felt lifted, and busily began preparing for the show. Paula is so wonderful, she sent us T-shirts, hats, back stage passes, and tickets to give away. I ran a contest on the air and we had a blast with it! The night of the show , I was so nervous I was shaking ! I was allowed to sit on Charlie's lap and he is just like a sweet teddy bear! He and the band were so gracious, and that is the word that describes it ! I took pictures of him and also Sparky is so nice !! He posed for pictures with me, and Taz did too. He is just the nicest person. The show was awesome..even in the pouring rain !! They are coming back to Iowa in Aug for the Iowa State Fair, and I can hardly wait. I am hoping to volunteer, and get some more pictures of Charlie and the boys . I am working on a CDB special , and possibly a Fourth of July special to air on that day including Charlies great patriotic music. That is , if I can through all the red tape !! God Bless Charlie, Sparky, and the rest of the gang!