Sounds of Sir Charles.

A real audio version of the "The Charlie Daniels Band How Sweet The Sound Radio Special" from 2002. This show is about an hour long and features Charlie in an interview with Bill Cody. Some of the interesting bits of information you'll learn from this show is how Charlie came to write a hymn with a reggae style, how he dealt with surgery for prostate cancer, and why Charlie recorded an album full of hymns. It's a great show, and provides insight into one of Charlie's best works.

>A real audio version of the "Charlie Daniels Holiday Radio Special from 1990. This is the full version of the show and is about 45 minutes long. It came out right after "Simple Man" and right when "Christmas Time Down South" hit the racks. It features ten songs from the album including "Jesus is the Light of the World," and "Hallelujah" along with some other great original Christmas songs by Charlie. It also features Charlie reading the real Christmas story from Luke, and his short story called "A Carolina Christmas Carol."

A real audio interview with Charlie on his Childhood, from a 1989 radio show. This portion of the show is about 20 minutes long, and includes Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues. This also includes Charlie talking about the lyric changes in Long Haired Country Boy, and came out right before Simple Man. Other songs included are the Devil Went Down to Georgia and Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye. Sweet stuff!

Charlie comments on the Fiddle Fire album. (In wav format. 309k)

Charlie planning on retiring? Heck no! (190k)

Charlie's got little bits of electricity in his head. Music we haven't heard! (103k)

Real Audio Clips (Ain't got it? Get Real)

From Fiddle Fire

Orange Blossom Special. In Real Stinkin' Audio.


Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues

From Midnight Wind

Midnight Wind. This is the original from the album of the same name, not from Simple Man. Much more 70's sounding.