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Hey Folks, I recently got to check out a CDB show in Redwood City, California. Here are some pictures and a little bit of information about the set.

The Fox Dream theatre is in Redwood City. Downtown is a nice area, with plenty of parking within a block. Thankfully there are a couple of ATMs within a short sprint of the theatre, so getting some dough for those last minute purchases at the merchandise table is not that difficult.

The show started at 7:30pm, but since Ginger set us up with some backstage passes, we had to get there by 6:30. When we arrived, Charlie was in an interview with the "Fox" which could either mean the theatre owners, the outfit that set up the show (Montalvo) or the cable news network. The cameraman looked like he recently stepped out of a 1970s James Bond movie, complete with big collars, nice tan and a flashy gold necklace. Hollywood, baby.

Since there was a slight delay getting backstage, we were able to chat with a few of the people waiting for the show to start. I can't remember everyone's name, but it seemed the consensus that Ginger had set everyone up with the meet and greet passes. Two guys that I got to talk to, I had met before at otherr CDB shows. First was Brian, a dude from San Jose who took about a week and followed the band around for three shows. The last show was at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles last summer ('01). At the end of the show Charlie hucked Brian a bow he used on stage.

This is Brian's friend, whose name I don't recall, Brian, and Jimmy Burton, road manager for the CDB. Brian and the crew caught everyone in the band's attention by hollering, "Hey! Road Dogs, man! Road Dogs!" Heck, it must have worked, because everyone seemed to remember them!

Here's the whole crowd of people backstage. Sorry if I didn't catch your name. If you're in the witness protection program, stay away from cameras.

Thanks to Ginger at the fan club for setting everyone here up with meet and greet passes. Ginger got everyone passes and everyone here seemed to know her by name!

Another guy that made it back stage was a guy named Kevin, who I'd met at a Volunteer Jam show where Molly Hatchet opened for the CDB a few years ago. Kevin was with a couple of his kids and they got to meet Charlie as well. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with Kevin, or catch his last name. He consults at the company I work for but it's kind of hard to track him down. Of the 332 Kevins here, I've narrowed it down to a potential 76. No luck.

Next we all got to meet Charlie. I had a backpack full of cool stuff for Charlie to sign but it seemed kind of rushed since the interview went long. I didn't want to hold up the line so I got Charlie to sign a picture from wayback when of me and my buddy Brian, and then we had a new picture taken. It was a Christmas show about ten years earlier when the first was taken at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, a crazy place with a rotating stage that has since been torn down.

Here we are with Charlie around 1992 or so...  

And here we are now, aged ten years. The older the fiddle, the sweeter the music!

Ginger sent me two passes, and my wife was go with me and be in this shot originally, but gave her ticket to my old buddy Brian as a sort of Christmas gift. This really was cool to get to meet Charlie again. Dean Tubbs took both pictures.

Here's another shot with me and Pat McDonald, the drummer. Pat is a super nice guy and the only member of the band that came out to mingle with the fans before the show. I saw the rest of the band - Taz, Bruce, Charlie Hayward, and Sparky but they were busy getting ready for the show.

I have to remember next time not to smile at all and go for the Simple Man scowl.

Pat actually remembered the first time I met him at the same Mid-State show I mentioned earlier. Weird Al had the big arena there that year and you could hear the music between songs and after the show.

On with the show. I was only four rows back but without a flash these are the best I could get...
The show was great. Since there was no opening band, there were two sets, so the first CDB show I've been to with an intermission. The band was right on. The second set was Christmas music from the new album. It was a great show. Did I mention it was a great show?