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1900s Archived News

12.2.99 Charlie singing on a made for video version of Tom Sawyer. Read the press release.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video with Charlie singing "How big a boy are ya?" on GAC and other video channels. I've seen it twice the last week in November.

Someone posted a note on the Guestbook here that Charlie had a heart attack, which is untrue. He is fine and had a good Thanksgiving.

I've found a great bio of Charlie at country.com.

I just added a 20 minute portion of a radio show that Charlie did in '89 at the release of Simple Man. Check it out at the Sounds of Charlie Page.

For Charlie's latest views remember to check out the Soapbox article.

Volunteer Jam -- Classic Live Performances Volume 1 has been released. Performances by CDB, Wet Willie, Ted Nugent and Molly Hatchet. You can order it from CD NOW!

Tailgate Party was released in stores March 9th! It's on the rack!

CDB sings ZZ Top, Clapton and Hootie!

Volunteer Jam is hitting the road!

Charlie and the band will be touring with the Marshall Tucker Band and Molly Hatchet.

The original version of Midnight Wind and other songs at our SOUNDS page.

Charlie!Charlie Daniels immortalized in comic strip "Nancy!"

Cartoonist Guy Gilchrist put Charlie Daniels in a Nancy comic strip this month. Check it out! Nancy's Aunt Loves Charlie

Charlie!Check out HOT GRITS!" Grits, Southern Rock, it's all HOT at www.hotgrits.com! This is a great site and this month is featuring a story on the Volunteer Jam!

Beverly, a.k.a the Dixie Biscuit, just posted another Charlie fan page! Hers is very current and has some sweet shots of Charlie sawing. She's a dedicated Charlie Head. Charlie got voted a Living Legend in part due to her work!

Charlie headlined the Legends show at Fan Fair this year. Check out the Fan Fair website for more some semi-decent shots of Sir Charles.

Charlie's video for the song "Texas" has hit CMT. You can search for when the video will be played here request that video to be played from a form they have posted here.

If you're on the net and haven't read any of Charlie's Soapbox columns, you're a ding dong daddy from Dumas. Get on the stick, read some Charlie thoughts and tell him what you think! You may be surprised at who replies to you.