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Vote for Charlie - Home Depot Humanitarian Award
April, 04

Charlie Daniels has been nominated for the Home Depot Humanitarian Award that's handed out at the Acadamy of Country Music Awards. Let's be honest. Click your mouse on over there and vote for Charlie before somebody named Brad or Martina gets the dang thing. You can vote once a day.

New York Post Reviews Charlie's Book -- And Loves It.

The New York Post provided a nice review of Charlie's book "Ain't No Rag" and called it a "Political Sledgehammer." Read the Review.

Freedom and Justice For All hits stores

Concurrent with his new book, the Charlie Daniels Band has released Freedom and Justice For All. Check out CDBFan's review.

Ain't No Rag hits the shelves.

Charlie's third book is out and available at his website and at Amazon. Aint No Rag: Freedom, Family and the Flag is Charlie's take on the state of our union.

Charlie on Hannity and Colmes

Promoting the release of his new book, Charlie showed up on Hannity and Colmes last night and treated them to an acoustic version of Simple Man. He went a round with Colmes (who looks like he might be related to James Carville) and was acknowledged by both as the Greatest Country and Western Singer alive today. Sean Hannity especially is a huge fan of Charlie's politics and music, and obviously the smartest man on TV.

CDB Site has moved once again

I've changed web hosting providers again, and so far, so good. You should be able to see much faster page load times, and since there is much more space available, I can bring back some archived radio shows. Soon we'll also engage a discussion board!

CDB IFCO Message Board

Check out the International Fan Club Organization message board forum! Get yer fangers there and post a message!

Charlie's Article on Hollywood
March 27, 2003

Charlie's article on the people in Hollywood continues to garner attention. This week Dr. Laura read it on her program, and in light of the Oscars and the anti-American slander that generated, it seems even more appropriate. CDBFan.com has recieved scads of email supporting Charlie's point of view, and about four emails against it, which are usually laced with profanity and poor spelling. Check out the Boycott Hollywood website for a list of knuckleheads, and their inspiration page for a list of celebrities that support the effort to free Iraq from their evil regime running that sorry country.

Charlie on the Sean Hannity show

Charlie's article on the actors in Hollywood and their opinion struck a note with America, when it was brought to national attention on the Sean Hannity show. You can listen to Hannity recite it here in Real format.

Is it just me or does Sean Hannity have a twin brother named Nathan Lane? Regardless, Hannity seemed happy to read the column on the radio show, and said he was planning to have Charlie visit the Hannity and Colmes show on the FOX cable television program.

This website has recieved many emails regarding this article. The technology of radio and the internet once again brings Charlie to the people.

Sean Hannity, conservative Charlie Fan.

Nathan Lane, effeminate broadway dancer