Saturday, January 05, 2008

Get Ready: Volunteer Jam '08. .38 Shooter!

Charlie Daniels taps Shooter Jennings, .38 Special for Volunteer Jam

January 3, 2008 11:01 AM
Charlie Daniels has nailed down a run of spring/summer dates for his annual Volunteer Jam tour, which will also feature fellow country rocker Shooter Jennings and .38 Special .

The outing is scheduled to launch April 11 with a two-night stand in Harris, MI, according to Jennings' website, which lists about 15 US shows from coast-to-coast through mid-August. The itinerary is included below.

The hard-touring Charlie Daniels Band also has dates scheduled in between and on either side of Volunteer Jam. Those can be found at Daniels' website.

The veteran performer, who is set to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Jan. 19, is supporting his latest album, "Deuces," which surfaced in October. The record features Daniels performing duets of his own hits as well as country, pop and R&B classics with stars including Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill and Dolly Parton.

Jennings, also known for his relentless touring ethic, is currently spending time at home with his newborn daughter but expects to be back on the road next month. He is supporting his third album, "The Wolf," which hit the streets in October and debuted at No. 52 on The Billboard 200.

Veteran Southern rockers .38 Special also have their own dates scheduled around Volunteer Jam as they continue to tour their hits and support their latest set, 2004's "Drivetrain." The band's full schedule is listed at its website.

Daniels started Volunteer Jam in 1974 to record "Fire on the Mountain" in front of a live audience. The performer's friends joined in for a jam at that Nashville concert and the rest is history.

September saw the release of the "Volunteer Jam" DVD, which captures the classic Charlie Daniels Band lineup performing a 1975 concert featuring guest appearances by Dickey Betts and Chuck Leavell of the Allman Brothers Band, Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie, Dru Lombar from Grinderswitch and the Marshall Tucker Band. Bonus features include a 2007 interview with Daniels.

[Note: The following tour dates have been provided by artist and/or tour sources, who verify its accuracy as of the publication time of this story. Changes may occur before tickets go on sale. Check with official artist websites, ticketing sources and venues for late updates.]

Volunteer Jam dates:

April 2008
11-12 - Harris, MI - Island Resort and Casino
18 - West Palm Beach, FL - Sound Advice Amphitheater
19 - Cypress Gardens, FL - Cypress Gardens Adventure Park
26 - Kinder, LA - Coushatta Casino Pavilion

May 2008
3 - Sevierville, TN - Smokies Stadium
10 - Valdosta, GA - Wild Adventures
16 - Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
17 - Tuscumbia, AL - Alabama Music Hall of Fame
31 - Las Vegas, NV - Orleans Arena

June 2008
20 - Champion, PA - Seven Springs Mountain Resort
21 - Gilford, NH - Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion

July 2008
4 - Blue Ash, OH - Blue Ash Sports Center

August 2008
8 - Sedalia, MO - Missouri State Fair
9 - West Allis, WI - Wisconsin State Fair
12 - Des Moines, IA - Iowa State Fair

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Salinas, California Show

Salinas, California Show
So I was fortunate enough to catch another CDB show, close to home for me this time. It was as usual, excellent and the band was in top form. The set list is posted here, and this is the actual set list that was gaff taped to the floor right where Charlie was playing.

Before the show started I saw Bruce Brown hanging out talking to the guy in charge of merchandise, and spoke to him for a few minutes. He said he had a chance to walk around Old Town Salinas and really enjoyed it. My friend Dan went with me and asked him how long he'd been with the band, and Bruce said 18 years. Wow. I guess he's not really the new guy anymore!

One of the things he mentioned was the set list, and that since they've sort of played the same show since the start of the year, they pretty much don't need it anymore. "I know the first three songs, and after that we just watch Charlie to see what's next." So the actual set list did vary from the one that was taped to the floor.

Here's what I have as the set list from tonight which is only slightly different from the one the band was working from.

  1. Drinking My Baby Goodbye
  2. South's Gonna Do It Again
  3. El Toreador
  4. Trudy
  5. Simple Man
  6. Scarlet Carnival (Taz's song)
  7. Wooley Swamp
  8. In America
  9. The Christmas Song
  10. Easy on the Eyes (Bruce's song)
  11. Floreada Road
  12. Long Haired Country Boy
  13. How Great Thou Art
  14. 1812 Overature (Chris' song)
  15. Rocky Top
  16. Star Spangled Banner
  17. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Now one of the funny things that Charlie did was throw out a reference that I had to look up in Wikipedia to understand what the heck he was talking about. In the song In America you know he usually throws a little local sports reference in for the local team for the line in the original studio version said "You just go and lay your hand/On a Pittsburgh Steelers fan/And I think you're gonna finally understand."

It's all good when he references a different local football team, such as the Dallas Cowboys when he's playing in Dallas, or the 49ers when he's in San Francisco. This time around, instead of the Pittsburg reference, he said, "Rainbow Warrior fan." Well, turns out the Rainbow Warriors are a fleet of tugboats that Greenpeace uses to generally pirate the oceans for environmentalism. So I guess that the Raiders didn't get their shout out, but in retrospect, you can't blame him for the potshot. This is probably as close to Santa Cruz as Charlie will get and it is probably just as fitting as anything around here.

Salinas is more of a cowboy town than a hippie haven, though, so when Charlie started the Star Spangled Banner, an interesting thing happened. First a big guy in front of me -- listen to "Play Me Some Fiddle" from Simple Man to get a lyrical visual -- took his hat off respectfully, then the guy next to me took off his ball cap. One by one, people stood up and put their hands over their hearts, and by the time the band joined in the fiddle solo for the crecendo, every one stood up. It was funny because there wasn't a flag in sight but the song is so patriotic - it's our National Anthem, for pete's sake - people were looking around for a flag to salute. Of course, the only flag in sight was the rainbow flag. Just kidding.

I should also mention that the venue was a good place to catch a show. It's a recently renovated venue and they are making an effort. There's a lot of potential there, if they can attract big shows like this one again.I brought a friend of mine along, who has only had the sort of pop culture exposure to Charlie that most of the world has had, and he went in knowing about three songs by the band, but like I figured, he was sold. How could you not be? It's a world class band with more talent than all the rest (this is a fan site, so I'm allow to be at least somewhat biased). If anyone missed a note, I didn't catch it. Last but not least, we did meet Charlie before the show and he was kind and gracious as usual, and we got our picture taken with him. I'm on the left, Dan's on the right, and Charlie's in the middle. Dan just let me know he's going to spring for a bow signed by Charlie now.

All is good in CDB land.

The lady in the front row took some pictures and posted them on Picasa, and since she put the link the comments section, I'm including it here!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

CDB plays in South Carolina for Food Bank

Charlie Daniels Band to give helping hand
The Charlie Daniels Band will perform in October at the new USCA Convocation Center.

Sat, Aug 4, 2007
Aiken Standard By TONY BAUGHMAN Staff writer

In Charlie Daniels' classic Southern rock anthem, the devil may have gone down to Georgia, but Daniels himself is coming to Aiken this fall as an angel to a very worthy cause.
Tickets go on sale today for the Charlie Daniels Band's concert on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at the USC Aiken Convocation Center. The show is a benefit for the Golden Harvest Food Bank, the Augusta-based nonprofit that feeds the hungry in 30 South Carolina and Georgia counties.
Admission is $27 per person, with discounts for groups of 15 or more. Tickets are available at or by calling (866) 722-8877.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Charlie Daniels Comments on Pop Country Music

Charlie Daniels: One of a kind
By Roy E. Deering
ADA – For the past 50 years, Charlie Daniels has made a lot of music, made his share of money, and had an awful lot of fun. Friday night, the 70-year-old country music legend will bring his unique style of entertainment to the Robert S. Kerr Activities Center on the campus of East Central University for a concert that will benefit the school's growing Communications Department.

Joining Daniels on stage Friday for the 8 p.m. show will be Oklahoma native Bennin Hunt.

Daniels will honor members of a local national guard unit who have been invited to attend the concert as guests of local businesses and community organizations. Although Daniels is being paid to perform, he said the chance to meet the local guardsmen will be his honor.

"For me to have the chance in person to thank these men and women for their sacrifice and for their willingness to carry the torch of freedom is a tremendous privilege," Daniels told the Ada Evening News in a telephone interview last week.

"I have the utmost respect for the men and women who fight for freedom. I've been to Iraq twice and I have always been a tremendous supporter of our armed forces. To me, it's sickening when you hear some of the national media people trying to discredit and dishonor them these days."

Known for such classic rockin’ country songs as "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," and "Long Haired Country Boy," the outspoken Daniels said he'll bring a high-energy family show to Pontotoc County Friday night."

First, it's a family show," Daniels said. "I have always tried hard to provide a show that's suitable for all ages. Second, we will play the songs people want to hear – like 'The Devil' and 'Long Haired Country Boy', because it makes me angry when I go to a concert and the performer sings one or two songs you know, and then spends an hour trying to sell you his new album.”

Winner of two Grammy Awards and numerous Grammy nominations, Daniels has recorded nearly 50 albums in his five decades in country music. Know for his high-energy fiddle playing and back woods, simple messages, Daniels said it was hard for him to comprehend that he was now in his 70s.

"I don't know how long I'll keep playing," Daniels said. "All I know is that I have no plans for retirement. I can't even stand the word. As long as the Good Lord gives me the ability and the desire to keep getting up on stage, I'd rather be there than anywhere else in this world."

Known for his trademark white beard and white felt cowboy hat, Daniels has been a fixture on country – and even rock – radio stations for more than 40 years.

His biggest hit, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," has been covered by numerous artists over the years. One of those covers was a rap version, one Daniels found "entertaining," but not quite his "cup of tea."

A rebel in life and in music, Daniels said his proudest accomplishment in music is that he has stayed true to himself and has not allowed his music to be controlled by recording executives.

"I love the fact that country music is the fastest growing music out there right now," Daniels said. "But I absolutely hate that all the singers look and sound the same.”

"It's like the record companies use the same little cookie cutter and give them all the same sound, the same look and the same songs. There's no one unique out there any more."

Yes, there is. And his name is Charlie Daniels.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

CDB Volunteer Jam 2007 - Shoreline Amphitheatre Recap

I just returned from the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California and here is the recap. I was able to go with three friends of mine, which was great, since originally I was only going with one. Thanks to Ginger Ambrose from the CDB Volunteers, who sent me a couple of extra meet and greet passes, there was room for more so my buddy Mike and his wife Melissa went along with Scott, who had never had the privilege of seeing the CDB. It's always fun to bring a newcomer to the music, because they inevitably become fans, and even better when they get to meet Charlie. It's like never having tasted chocolate then getting to meet Willie Wonka at the factory.

The show started at six and right on schedule the Outlaws opened up the show with Ghost Riders in the Sky. They played a few of their hits including Green Grass and High Tides, along with a new one called Rippin through Kentucky, Almost Home, and Trail of Tears. They closed their set with Hurry Sundown. It was a great set, although it seemed short, and I may have missed a song or two from the set list. Hughie Thomasson and company were in great form, and were joined on two songs by David Muse from The Marshall Tucker Band and Pat McDonald from the CDB, who added two the drum corps (they play with two sets) by banging on the bongos. This is a great guitar band, and worth catching these guitar virtuosos play it like they meant it. It was cool to see Hughie Thomasson leading his own band, since the only time I'd seen him before was as a sideman for Skynyrd. Check out Outlaws tour dates at their website,

Next up was the incomparable Marshall Tucker Band, who started their set with This Ol' Cowboy. Doug Gray was on vocals and in between songs joked with the sizable crowd about his age (59) and his ex-wives (>1). They have a new album coming out June 19th called The Next Adventure. This is what was posted from a similar set on the MTB message boards, and it seems to jive pretty well with what we heard:

This Ol' Cowboy
Dog Eat Dog World
Fire on the Mountain
Hillbilly Band
Georgia Moon
Can't You See

Chris Hicks played guitar and sang on a solo song he has worked up called Dog Eat Dog World for an album to be released by Sony. He's an outstanding musician, with a real feel for the blues. We had to leave right after Fire on the Mountain to go backstage and visit with Charlie, so unfortunately missed some of the MTB set.

We lined up by one of Charlie's tour buses called the TPR II (Twin Pines Ranch, I guess) and waited in line for a while with other lucky folks, to meet Charlie and get some pictures signed that were handed out by none other than Mr. Dean Tubbs. There was a a curtain opened to the stage, so we had a glimpse of the MTB playing Can't You See.

We were moved to a crowded trailer to wait to meet Charlie as the MTB played for the masses, and slowly made it up to Charlie, who was kind enough to sign the pictures Dean had presented us. We snapped a quick picture and made it out of there with just a little bit of chit-chat with Charlie. I mentioned how I was sorry I hadn't made it to the fan club party last week, and Charlie said I should come next year, something I really hope to be able to do one of these days. Mike wished him a happy birthday, and Charlie thanked him and pointed out that his birthday had been in October, but he'd been out of the country and they just celebrated it at the fan club party. A side note here, that if you ever want to go to a BBQ and private party with the band, that it would be possible if you would join the fan club. It's every year in June in Charlie's hometown. That kind of accessibility is one of the many reasons I love the CDB and try to keep this site up.

After that, we were shuttled out, and Mike was able to snap a picture of the Marshall Tucker Band finishing their set.

By the time we got some garlic fries the show was about to begin, and it opened with a bang with Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye. Here's the complete set list:

Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye
El Toreador
Simple Man
Wooley Swamp
The Pledge of Allegiance and In America
Floreeda Road (with David Muse from the MTB on Sax)
Long Haired Country Boy
How Great Thou Art
Rocky Top -- Charlie on Fiddle
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
The South's Gonna Do It Again (with the Outlaws and the Marshall Tucker Band)

Notice that Charlie played a few songs from the Full Moon album, including Money, which was a first for me to hear in concert.

Also worth mentioning was the incredible drum solo by Pat McDonald in Floreeda Road. Pat is a maniac and it is amazing to see him work the skins in such a large venue that seemed to tax their ample sound system. Not to take anything from the rest of the band, but to see people unable to keep their seats for a drum solo was quite something. It proved why the CDB doesn't need two drummers when this one can play as well as any three, and stats from the US Geological Survey registered it a 4.7 on the Richter Scale. Fans are looking forward to the release of the CD with a studio version of Floreeda Road and another Chris Wormer vehicle -- The Flight of the Bumblebee. That should be interesting!

The show wrapped up with Charlie bringing all three bands together to play the CDB standard The South's Gonna Do It Again, and it was like watching a nuclear bomb detonate with all the musicians playing at once.

It was the closest thing to a Southern Rock Symphony that Northern California has heard.

Hopefully, it won't be the last.

More pictures of the event. are available here.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In case you missed it: VOLUNTEER JAM TOUR 2007 ANNOUNCED

Charlie Daniels - News


Charlie Daniels, leader of the Charlie Daniels Band, has announced the legendary Volunteer Jam Tour will, once again, hit cities all across America.

The Volunteer Jam started back in 1974 when Daniels wanted to record Fire On The Mountain in front of a live audience. The War Memorial Auditorium in downtown Nashville set the stage as Daniels' friends joined in on a "jam" that year. The jam has been going ever since.

The Charlie Daniels Band Volunteer Jam Tour 2007 will feature The Marshall Tucker Band along with The Outlaws and kicks off April 28th in Valdosta, Georgia, where it will continue through Oklahoma City, Tampa, Birmingham, Nashville, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and many other cities to soon be announced.

April 28 - Valdosta, GA - Wild Adventures
May 4 - Thackerville, OK - Winstar Casino
May 5 - Oklahoma City, OK - Zoo Amphitheatre
May 11 - Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre
May 12 - West Palm Beach, FL - Sound Advice Amphitheatre
May 18 - Birmingham, AL - Verizon Wireless Music Center
May 19 - Nashville, TN - Starwood Amphitheatre
May 31 - Denver, CO - City Lights Pavilion
June 1 - Salt Lake City, UT - USANA Amphitheatre
June 2 - Las Vegas, NV - The Aladdin Theatre
June 3 - Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Pavilion
June 7 - Pala, CA - The Starlight Theatre
June 8 - Chula Vista, CA - Coors Amphitheatre
June 9 - Kelseyville, CA - Konocti Harbor Resort
June 10 - Mountainview, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
July 20 - St. Clairsville, OH - Jamboree In The Hills
July 27 - Gilford, NH - Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center
July 28 - Wallingford, CT - Chevrolet Theatre

Daniels career as a professional musician began in the 1950's with the Misty Mountain Boys and he went on to form The Charlie Daniels Band in 1970. He has recorded countless hits, has sold over 18 million albums in his career, won numerous awards and has millions of fans around the world. He won the Grammy for Best Country Vocal for his classic "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

The Charlie Daniels Band "Volunteer Jam" 2007 is being booked exclusively by William Morris Agency.

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