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The Intimidator

Talladega Alabama hot day in the fall
It’s pedal to the metal keep it off the wall
Darrell’s passing marlin and Jeff just took the lead
He’s burning up the track but look out
Here comes number three

He’s moving to the inside listen to that engine howl
Just move it on over The Intimidator’s on the prowl

Push it down and stand on it put it on the floor
Roaring down the backstretch blowing off their doors
Eating up the asphalt and chewing up the miles
They’re bringing out the checkered flag
The crowd is going wild

Carolina country boy could always find a way to win
Y’all wave bye bye
The Intimidator’s done it again

Chorus 2:
The man meant business when he got behind the wheel
Eye like an eagle and nerves made of steel
Speed is the bottom line and winning is the deal
Let her whine
Man he’s flyin
Finish line
One more time

You’re burning down the straight away putting on a show
Leading by a length with only 20 laps to go
You almost got this sucker won engines running great
But don’t you look in your rearview mirror here comes number eight

He’s a rocker and a roller and he sure knows how to shut them down
I guess it runs in the family the intimidator’s back in town