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On November 8th, 2005, Charlie released a DVD of a live concert in Nashville filmed appropriately on the 4th of July in front of 100,000 people. This is the first live recording of the CDB in concert available for purchase since the Saratoga Concert released around 1981. If you have ever seen the CDB perfom life in concert you know that this blend of Southern Rock, Bluegrass, Country and Gospel music is well worth seeing first hand. With the added bonus of this in a digital format this is a keepsake that will last as long as computers and won't wear out. The song list on the DVD is as follows:
  1. El Toreador - A hit from the album called Full Moon, which shows off the CDB's guitar prowess on some difficult Mexican flavored licks.
  2. Trudy - Another classic from Fire On the Mountain, about a card mechanic in Texas.
  3. The Legend Of Wooley Swamp - Another tune from Full Moon about a haunted swamp.
  4. The Intimidator - A NASCAR favorite. Check out the guitar lick at the beginning, which sounds like an engine roaring down the track.
  5. Simple Man - America's redneck anthem.
  6. Floreeda Road - A new instrumental showcasing the band's legitimacy as a musical powerhouse.


  1. Long Haired Country Boy - Another song from Fire on the Mountain that helped put Charlie Daniels into the Country Music lexicon.
  2. In America - A song that could one day replace the Nation Anthem if Charlie were ever to run for President.
  3. Preachin' Prayin' Singin' - A song from Charlie's all bluegrass gospel album, about the joy of publicly sharing the news that Jesus died for your sins.
  4. Heart of My Heart - A gospel song originally on the album called Steel Witness.
  5. William Tell Overature - If the Lone Ranger would have heard this version, he would not have stopped in one town long enough to help people, much less leave them wondering who he was.
  6. The South's Gonna Do It (Again) - A signature CDB song celebrating Southern Rock with a swing beat.
  7. Orange Blossom Special - Charlie pulls out all the stops on this rocking version of the most well known fiddle song, and he does it Justice.
  8. The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The most famous CDB song of all time, where Good triumphs over the Evil One.