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The Animated Charlie Cursor!

Have Charlie Daniels sawing away the time as your programs run.

If you're running Windows 95 or 98, you can have this animated cursor running on your computer. If you have a Macintosh, a Unix machine, or some other non Microsoft Product, enjoy the thought that others can have it but at least you're not part of the crowd.

  • First, click here or on the picture to download it to your computer.

  • Move the file to C:\WINDOWS\CURSORS

  • From the Start Menu, open the Control Panel, and double click Mouse.

  • Under the Pointers tab, select the cursor you wish to replace. Working in Background and/or Busy would be ideal for this.

  • Click the Browse... button, and select the cursor named Charlie.ani

  • Click OK

There you go...that's all there is to it! If you can't figure it out, keep fiddling with it. ~:-) This is a labor of Charlieness, so I probably won't be handing out all that much free advice.