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  • A real audio version of the "The Charlie Daniels Band How Sweet The Sound Radio Special" from 2002. This show is about an hour long and features Charlie in an interview with Bill Cody. Some of the interesting bits of information you'll learn from this show is how Charlie came to write a hymn with a reggae style, how he dealt with surgery for prostate cancer, and why Charlie recorded an album full of hymns. It's a great show, and provides insight into one of Charlie's best works. For more information about this great album, including images to download to your desktop, click here.

Real Audio Clips

These are Real Audio versions of these songs. This is not high quality sounds, it's like a bad AM radio. Save up ten bucks and pick up a greatest hits CD if you really like the music! It would be worth it! [June, 2007 Note: Real Audio formats are still available, but unless you have some knack for getting around the spamware that Real has turned into, they probably won't play. My apologies. Real Audio has really gone down the tubes.]

From various albums

From Fiddle Fire

From Midnight Wind

  • Midnight Wind. This is the original from the album of the same name, not from Simple Man. Much more 70's sounding.

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