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Welcome to CDBFan.com, a fan site with scads of information about the Charlie Daniels Band, Charlie Daniels himself and regularly updated news items about the band.

Well, the above was true for a very long time, and this page used to be updated often. About ten years years ago when the CDB came to California I made the trip to see them and had the chance to talk to the band as they were preparing to start the show. Chris Wormer, the guitarist, was backstage and he mentioned that the website hadn't been updated in a while. I said yes, and felt ashamed, and would like to fix it. I got his email and later sent him a note but never heard back. And that has been the status of CDBFan.com since then, un-updated and with news articles updated only occasionally.

When I started this site, it was just a web page, hosted by AOL, and it was the only one out there. More than 20 years later, there is plenty of information, pictures, sounds, and everything else out there about Charlie and the CDB. Last year, Charlie published his memiors, and he's on twitter. Frankly, I'm not sure there's much use for this anymore! It also costs to keep it up, even if I don't update it, and I could use that money to go see the band. But really, it stands as my way of showing appreciation for a band and a guy who has produced some really great music. I don't really know anyone in the band personally but have been able to meet and talk to them once in a while. They are good folks, and I appreciate what they do. So I guess that is the purpose of the site, and one way or another this sucker needs some change! I'm not sure it's going away completely but it does need an update. Just ask Chris!


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